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To stay competitive in the dynamic environment of African economies, our clients must always think ahead. AFG empowers clients with proven practices and sustainable strategies that deliver tangible results and add value to their businesses.


Successful implementation is the hallmark of a strong strategy, project management, and consensus building. We accelerate the execution of superior strategy through partnerships with clients for business transformation.


We offer comprehensive and world-class mixed-method research approaches that are particularly useful for market sizing, competition analysis as well as business development.

Stakeholder Engagement  

At AFG, we understand that successful organisations thrive from strategic partnerships and, therefore, we utilise dynamic facilitation and moderation approaches that are effective for multi- level and multi-sector stakeholder dialogue – both verbal and written.

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We work with Africa’s top 5% of business talent to serve top companies

Our people are highly enthusiastic, strategic thinkers, and passionate about a career that is both rewarding and sustainable.

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