Parents and Students

  • Parents are faced with the problem of not being able to plan and make a realistic budget for food their wards will eat within a term or an academic year.
  • Parents do not have the ability to check if their wards eat and even monitor the kind of food they consume when they go to school.
  • Students want a convenient way of buying food and a simple yet reliable alternative even if they lose their pocket monies

School Administration and Food Providers

  • Food providers are unable to effectively serve students in a timely fashion because the current food purchasing system is time-consuming and cumbersome
  • Food providers have a challenge with being unable to monitor the purchasing and eating habits of students.
  • Food providers want the ability to make data-driven management decision concerning the welfare of the students.

The Solution

The Meal Plan

The Meal Plan service is a simple pre-financing service for feeding where students can subscribe to a meal plan account which is basically a budget solely dedicated for meals at the beginning of an academic term or year. The meal plan service runs on the concept of a debit card system where parents of students can put money on their wards student ID cards so that their wards can purchase food items at the cafeteria without physical cash.

The Meal Plan works in this straightforward process as stated below:

  1. Parents who want their wards to be on the system will subscribe with Food provider.
  2. The cafeteria will then gather details such as ID card number, primary email address of a parent, contact details of parents, personal information of student and their pictures.
  3. Cavemen will set the students up on the system – within one working day.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to the parents with a PIN Code to give to their wards to use. This PIN code can be changed at any time.
  5. The students can now go to the cafeteria, order food and make payments with their ID cards.
  6. The students will confirm the purchase by entering their PIN code.
  7. A receipt will be generated for them from the cafeteria and handed to the student.
  8. The student presents the receipt to the serving area and gets their food.


The Meal Plan solution has been adapted specially to handle some situation that may arise from serving young students.

No student ID card – a situation where a student does not have his/her their student ID card

Forgotten student ID number – a situation where a student forgets his/her student ID number

Bulk Purchases – a situation where a class teacher makes bulk purchases for a group of students ahead of break time

The Solution



  • A convenient alternative to purchasing food with cash
  • Safe handling of feeding allowance


  • Easy account management (PIN code reset, dashboards with key statistics)
  • Real-time monitoring of student purchasing and feeding patterns
  • Periodic balance statements of ward’s account
  • Reports to allow proper budgeting and feeding allowance planning


Simple and reliable Point of Sales system Transactional and sales reporting

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