Our Courses

Our Courses

At Peep Consult, our courses are hands-on and project-based, aimed at providing students with skills and understanding to able to collect data, analyse that data, establish trends and make meaningful business decisions.

Data Analytics using Excel

This course gives an overview into the concept of big data and data analytics. You will be introduced into the world business intelligence (BI) tools which will help you create compelling data visualizations, share insights on business questions and stay ahead in business.

Data Analytics using R

This course will provide you with knowledge of how to program in R and how to apply R for adequate data analysis. At the end of the course, you would have mastered a highly coveted statistical programming language which, aids in cleaning, manipulating, analysing, visualizing data and prediction using different module.

Data Analytics using Python

This course is a great introduction to the high-level, general-purpose programming language called Python. You will learn the fundamentals of programming with Python, how to analyse and interpret large data set with python, and how to create predictive models using Python.

Intensive Program Data Analytics

This course is targeted at Business Executives who need comprehensive knowledge of Data Science. It is an all-encompassing course that covers programming in both Python and R. From this course, you will learn the process of creating new features from existing data and apply machine learning model. At the end, participants will embark on a project work in all business functions such as HR Management, Supply Chain Management, Health Management or Social Analysis.