A multi-strategy
investment firm

with a transformational agenda

with exceptional entrepreneurs

strong companies

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Who We Are


We bring capital, business-building expertise and a network of relationships to outperform the market. Our clients and partners benefit from our unique approach to securing returns.


We prefer opportunities where capital and investment expertise are combined to solve challenges and create products that transform various communities.


We help clients, entrepreneurs and business leaders to focus on transformational goals and build exceptional companies.

Our Approach

  • We invest our time, skills and capital into opportunities, build it and scale it.
  • We focus on all stages of a company’s cycle, from it’s inception, to international expansion, by drawing our industry expertise and market insight
  • Seavest’s strategic approach differs from vertical and we make use of a make use of a mix our market understanding and long-term capital appreciation strategy.
  • We focus on opportunities that offer superior returns with less than commensurate risk
  • We maintain a long-term perspective over short term performance
  • We have a value-oriented mindset – capitalising on mispriced assets and opportunities that are under the radar. We are entrepreneurs with deep investment skills

Strategic Advisory Group

Our strength lies in our ability to work closely with business leaders, investors as well as global corporates in emerging markets to identify and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Knowledge of West African markets

With years of living experience in West Africa and other parts of Africa. We know the region very well and bring an understanding that is beneficial to our clients.

Ability to identify opportunities

We have evaluated hundreds of companies and projects. Our relationships with entrepreneurs and managers in West Africa affords Seavest the ability to find the best opportunities.

Experience in value creation

We have helped companies grow. We bring relevant and globally accepted perspectives and expertise to help managers and business owners build their businesses.

Our Perspective

Why this region?

From a pure investment standpoint, Africa has the most of the world's fastest growing economies, driven by demographics, by urbanization and resource demand. It is also the least developed continent and the one where capital is most scarce. Africa is a market where investors really truly experience the value private capital creates and its lasting impact.

The right approach

Judgement calls and context is important because of the nature of the environment where there are more gaps in information so you need to be much more of a first principle investor, organising and interpreting information with the right context not simply using the investment tools in a vacuum.

Making a difference

To have a lasting impact in Africa we must have an entrepreneurial mindset. As a starting point, we believe investors must focus on identifying the challenges facing the region. This is where the opportunity lies. Then building a business or corporate structure around it.

At Seavest we are problem solvers first and foremost, we then overlay our thought process with our investment skills. You have to be prepared to think creatively, make observations about the environment you are operating in and be able to come up with the ideas that transform into strong business.

If you would like to discuss how we could partner with you, please get in touch.